Our company offers low, medium and high-volume innovative production CNC machining solutions of heavy and small-to-medium-sized pieces on two-spindle, horizontal and vertical lathes and CNC work centers for tracks, tractors and agricultural machinery in general

G.P.I. operates according to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System: our first compliancy certification was awarded in July, 2006

- Products are industrialized, with work and testing cycles filed according to product type.
- All materials used are purchased from approved quality-certified suppliers.
- All tasks are carried out by specially-trained staff.
- Material identification ensures the traceability of all measuring instruments and their calibration standards. All checks carried     out are held on file.
- All control equipment used is SIT-calibrated.


- Centralized Programming for all CNC machinery.
- Management of work orders including in-house heat treatment.
- Production monitored directly from our offices.
- Data Sheets for operator self-assessment and internal assessment.
- The possibility to mark each piece according to customer specifications